Once, I assembled a panel: Managing your career, a conversation about hiring, salaries, career planning, and everything in between

Last winter, I decided that I wanted to hear more about career planning. My boss, Tanya Zanish-Belcher, is a pro at this and very faithful about encouraging me to think about what I want in my career and plan ahead. This, as I see it, includes small steps that can become part of my annual goals for the repository and my personal career as well as larger visions that will help me build, year after year, my institution and myself.

With that in mind, I asked the Archives Management Roundtable if they would like to include a panel related to career management – salary negotiations, hiring, personal career planning, etc – in their Roundtable meeting session at SAA’s annual meeting in Atlanta (#saa16). “Archives Management” is the natural home for discussions about career advancement, in my mind, though I do wish we’d been able to team with the Womens’ Archivists Roundtable or the Students and New Professionals Roundtable, or really any number of other great SAA groups. After I got the thumbs up, off I went, roping in NARA’s Steven Booth, Smith College’s Beth Myers, and Emerson College’s Christina Zamon to speak and answer questions on any and all topics that fall under the career management umbrella.

Archives heroes last for more than one day because we’re tenacious and also well-preserved.

Although I’m not sure all of my career questions will be answered, Booth, Myers, and Zamon did a phenomenal job. I only was able to tweet a bit of each person’s comments, but I believe that only myself and @carynradick were on Twitter so:

Alas, I did not do a good job of capturing the discussion that came afterward, but Beth did say something that is going to stick with me for a while: “Any position is political because it’s in an institution with people.” I think about that in the context of proposed objectivity in archives… doesn’t work, folks.

As always, I wish there had been more time for discussion, but it seemed like the folks there for the meeting enjoyed and found the opportunity useful!

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